Elbrus Green Energy ASI

In an era of accelerated climate change, when every decision matters, we are contributing to an energy revolution. By investing in renewable energy, we are not only looking at the progress of technology but more importantly the future of our planet. For us, renewable energy is not just a business, but a mission to create sustainability for generations to come.

Our business

Elbrus Green Energy is a private Alternative Investment Fund actively involved in the energy transition, with a primary focus on investments in renewable energy sources such as:

    • photovoltaic farms,
    • wind turbines,
    • energy storage,
    • green hydrogen production technologies,
    • hybrid projects,


  • electromobility sector,

Our strategy includes the acquisition of projects in the aforementioned areas of expertise and the development of our own initiatives supported by comprehensive consulting, design, execution and management of energisation processes for other entities and investors present in the energy transition market.

Basing our investments on many years of business experience, professional standards and highly competent teams, we conduct a thorough analysis of markets and projects, paying attention to their development potential and security. We aim not only to overcome negative climate change, but also to promote sustainable development. We remain open to new projects and investment opportunities, with an emphasis on building loyal, long-term relationships with our business partners.

Solar and wind farms

Project management


Hydrogen projects

Energy storage facilities

General contracting


We strive to be at the forefront of energy innovation. We are investing in electromobility in response to the growing demand for green transport solutions. We plan to invest in green hydrogen as a key component of future clean energy. We are expanding our portfolio with energy storage to optimally exploit the potential of renewable sources.

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